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Rocket mail delivery is the actual delivery of mail from plane or rocket into a destination. The rocket first lands by deploying a parachute on descent. It has been tried by many different organizations in a variety of countries, with differing levels of success. Among the most successful, however, is Rocket email system from Iridium. This system uses a satellite and a tracking system to direct a small communications satellite to its orbit and on to its destination.

On July 12th in Mexico, Rocket Mail was formally launched. It was received well by residents of the countries surrounding Mexico in addition to the inhabitants of its payload launch area, including Colima, Tampico, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta and Vera Jalisco. Many of the stamps received in this country were specially designed for this occasion, such as stamps depicting famous places that included Mexico City (Bestial Gustavo), the Pacific Ocean (LANICO) and the Gulf of Mexico (Cephalonia – Gulf of Nicoya). Residents of Mexico City and the states surrounding it also received special stamps that exhibited the national colors of their individual teams.

The home office of Rocket Mail’s parent company, Iridium, really started working on sending mail back in July of 1934. It’s uncertain whether the company’s original intent was to send a message across this area of Mexico or merely to test the capabilities of a new type of mail system that they had developed. Nobody really knows the real motivation for its origin, but records do indicate that it wasn’t started because of Mexico’s desire to send a “net” message through its Morse code telegraph system (which at the moment, according to historians, might have been simply a joke.) Regardless, the system’s inception marked the arrival of a new sort of company communications in Mexico, the Rocket Mail system. Although lots of the components were like those used in the American postal system, the system experienced several setbacks prior to being rolled out across America.

In July of 1934, the first test pieces of the new system were set up in New York City post offices. Surprisingly, despite the technology supplied by the new system, many American post offices did not take advantage of the new service. The main reason is that post offices in the United States didn’t believe that the service provided by Rocket Mail might be implemented into their various postal systems effectively. Despite this lack of support, the business continued to work on improving the postal network and creating new mail pieces. When it was finally released in Great Britain in August of 1934, it immediately sparked a success because of the ease of use which it offered to customers.

In the beginning, the reception of the rocket mail system was slow. Sales of the special stamps and envelopes were low and consumer interest was minimal. This lack of customer interest prompted the company to launch a series of promotional products to boost their sales. These goods included special stamps and envelopes as well as, the first debit cards. All of these efforts combined to assist the rocket trade system take its rightful place among the greatest success stories of the ancient postage collecting era.

The next rocket mail initiative involved the release of Reynosa missiles in the U.S… The first missile, the Friendship 7, flew over New Mexico and California, while the second missile reached Texas. These missiles were designed to reach anything that the United States Postal Service considered a “soft” target and because of the very large size of their Reynosa missiles, they succeeded in hitting their intended targets. Read more information here at